The Choir International Festival “Milazzo…Sicilia in concerto” is organised by Giuseppe Del Bono, artistic director of this cultural event, with the collaboration of the Polyphonic Choir “Aura Vocis” of Milazzo.

The Festival is a non competitive event which takes place every year and has the purpose of sharing Choral music and create new boundaries of friendship with Choirs from different parts of the world.


The 4° edition of the Festival will take place in Milazzo:

24 – 29 April 2019

Each Choir will choose in which week participate, move up or prolong the stay.

The repertoire is totally free, there is no obligation for the songs.

The request can be presented from any Choir and Ensemble throughout a registration form available until the 10th January 2019.

The Concerts, with each participating Choir, will take place in all the best places of our Island, also giving the opportunity to those whom come from so far away to discover and appreciate our beautiful landscapes, from an historical and artistic view of our Sicily. Starting from Milazzo, landmark of the Festival, the Tour will evolve trough the most beautiful cities with concerts and guided tour.

The participating Choirs will sing for 3 or 4 concerts in different cities.

The concerts will take place inside of the Churches, but they could also be made in theatres or specific places for Choral concerts. For each concert two or three Choirs will show.

Each of those will have 20-30 minutes for a cappella mixed program (religious or profane), chosen freely. The duration of the concert will depend on the Choirs.
The varieties of the places in which the exhibitions will take place, a part from those that will be suggested and the rich repertoire presented by each Choir, make the Festival a big itinerant event for Choir Music and becomes a unique moment of close contact between different musical cultures.
Every concert is available for everyone freely, giving to the public an opportunity of meeting with Choir Music.

Program of the Festival

The Choirs can ask for the program and the conditions of participation from the section “Contacts” in our website.


Giuseppe Del Bono - Artistic Director of the Festival

Giuseppe Del Bono was born in Milazzo, 28th of April 1985. He had started his musical journey from the early age of 3 years, tank to his teacher Fabio Sodano with the help of musical pedagogy and the choice of a musical instrument.

He has studied piano with Sergio Bertolami, Antonino Averna and opera with Carmelo De Salvo, Salvatore Messina, Eleonora Minutoli, Marcello Nardis.

He has also deepened the knowledge of music in the field of Vocalism and Direction with :

Nino Albarosa (Gregorian), Giuseppe Liberto, Marco Frisina, Giuliano Viabile (Liturgical music), Voicu Popescu, Steve Woodbury, Nicola Conci (Vocalism), Igor Matyukhov (Russian Music), Gary Graden, Candace Smith (Contemporary Music), Luca Pitteri, Christian Gravina (Modern Music), Mirko Guadagnini (Renaissance and Baroque Music), Mario Musumeci (Harmony, composition e analyses of the Repertoire), Alba Crea (History and historiography of music), Giovanna Aragozzini (poetry for music and dramaturgical Musica), Paola Erdas (harpsichord), Silvia Dalla Benetta (methodology of teaching music ), Giuseppe Cattafi (ear trainig e acustic), Alessandra Garosi, Laura Pietrocini (Chamber music), Floriana Sicari (Scenic Art), Michele Amoroso (oral exercises), Federica Maria Righini (neuro linguistic programming for musician), Ernesto Pizzi (informatics Music), Filippo Maria Bressan, Mauro Marchetti, Giuseppe Mignemi, Pier Paolo Scattolin (Directions, techniques of Choir, execution and vocal techniques).
In 2007 he has founded the Polyphonic Choir “Aura Vocis”. From 2011 he is teacher of Choral Sing in LUTE (Libera Università per la Terza Età) in Milazzo and from 2014 he is also director of Schola Cantorum Vox Cordis of Milazzo.