Conductor – Olivier Piguet

The Ensemble Vocal Bis is a choir of the Lausanne area (French Switzerland), consisting of about fifty choirs. The choir was created in 1985 and Olivier Piguet took over in 1987. It is characterized by the desire to make varied and original programs. They gladly alternate with the piano and the most important works with the orchestra and with other choirs. They try to give you the chance to enjoy some kind of friendly exchanges so you can leave room to some of the most important projects. After recording “The Seven Words of Christ in the Cross” by Cesar Franck to celebrate the 10 years of existence, the choir has collaborated in the creation of “Lesser Mass” by Swiss composer François Blaise Mettraux (1996). From 1997 to 2005, the choir plays a very varied program:

The Goyescas opera by Granados, the Requiem in memoriam by Anton Bruckner of the Swiss composer Jean-Claude Bossel. The choir was also at Figueras in Catalonia and Bayreuth where he sang Rossini’s Little Mass Solemn. In 2005, the choir celebrated 20 years: Francois’s Bis world Margot. Several programs such as: The Passion according to St-Jean of Bach (2014), Durufle Requiem (2015) and other works by young composers of French Switzerland. In 2016

Takes part in a great project: a musical comedy about Frankenstein’s novel, Mary Shelley’s 200-year-old novel written in Geneva.

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Olivier Piguet

Direttore – M° Olivier Piguet

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