Conductor – Massimo Atzori

It was born in September 2004, and has been registered and constituted as Cultural and Musical Association since October 2009. The name of the choir is not casual, it was related to the worship that took place in the Valley of Antas, home of the Tempio Punico Romano Located ten kilometers from Fluminimaggiore. In this way, we wanted to highlight the historical and prehistoric importance of our territory, linking it to the musical culture so that this example of union is of good wish for everyone, hoping cultural differences find music in a meeting point. The Polyphonic Choir participated in the 2011 and 2013 International Festival “Alta Pusteria” in Trentino Alto Adige representing Sardinia, in September 2012 participated in the 3rd International Folklore Festival held in Pineda de Mar in Spain, and performed in Different parts of Sardinia. On 27 August 2013 he organized a major event at Fluminimaggiore called “cantendi tottusu impari” with the participation of seven choirs for a total of 168 choreographers from all over Sardinia; Organizes important regional initiatives. To be highlighted: the Christmas choir “towards the star” of January 5th, and on August 7th the “one night of stars” review with the participation of various choirs. On 25 August 2016 he participated at the International Choir Festival “Al sole della Sardegna”. He has made over 250 concerts with a vast repertoire from classic to popular folk.

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Massimo Atzori

Direttore – M° Massimo Atzori

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