Conductor – Daniele Lisanti

The Coro Polifonico “Luca Marenzio” is founded in Messina in 1991 by the current director and by some choral singing friends and currently has a staff of about 20 singers, composed mainly of young musicians. The choir has more than 250 performances and its repertoire, based on original research work, ranges from Gregorian to the sacred and profane polyphony of the fifteenth century, to the cultured and popular music production of our century. The choir has followed seminars on the vocal and executive practice of M ° Foti and over the years has enriched its repertoire with concerted music for singers, choir and orchestra by Martini, Vivaldi, Zipoli, Mozart, Haydn and unpublished pieces. In 1995 he exhibited at the Palazzo Corvaja in Taormina for the “Thirty Hours to Life” event. Over the years, the choir participated in numerous choral exhibitions held in Calabria and Sicily, always distinguishing between the choruses. In 1997 he won the 3rd prize (1st unallocated) for the Gregorian Canto section at the XVIII National Choir Competition of Sacred Chorale of Vallecorsa. In 1998, at the Teatro Vittorio Emanule in Messina, in a charity event for UNICEF, he performed in the first absolute music of Lisanti with the realization of a C.D. In 2001, during the decade of activity, the choir performed songs in the first absolute script for the event by two composers from Messines such as Lisanti and Zaccone. In 2002 he won the 1st prize at the III National Contest of Porto Empedocle, in 2004 and 2005 he won 2nd place at the National Coral Competition in Reggio Calabria and in 2007 the 2nd place at the National Coral Competition in Caccamo.

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Daniele Lisanti

Direttore – M° Daniele Lisanti

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