Conductor – Gianluigi Pellanda

In 1970, some boys, who finished military service, wished to continue singing together as in the months they were away from home. The “ANA Sandrigo Choir” was born, led by Master B. Bertoluzzo, and his repertoire is based on the naja song and the “mountain songs”. These are the roots of the choir “La Vose del Tèsena”, which follows several paths in search of one’s own song identity, also highlighted by the change of the denomination: “Tre Cime Coro”; And the eight masters who followed the direction of the Choir, to the present M ° Gianluigi Pellanda. It is worth mentioning the ultraventual direction of M ° Luca Vendramin. The Choir has grown and matured, especially with the latter two directions of M ° Alessandro Marini and the current M ° Pellanda, refining its expressive qualities, with a repertoire ranging from “rocks” to “mountain” roots to compositions Lyric and song lyrics, which highlight the technique and expressiveness achieved. Technical and expressive skills are thus mature in time thanks to the masters, but also linked to the passion and determination of his choruses. This has allowed us to reach pleasing consensus among the Italian and European public. The choir features a rich and original repertoire, as evidenced by the four CDs so far recorded, which will soon come to fruition with the fifth recording. The choir, under the guidance of Master Pellanda, is revisiting its repertoire and in June last year he participated at the 19th International Choral Festival in Alta Pusteria.

le in Alta Pusteria.

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Gianluigi Pellanda

Direttore – M° Gianluigi Pellanda

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