Conductor – Giovanni Pani

The Coro Folkloristico della Sardegna was born in Cagliari in September 2014, by lovers of Sardinian costume and Sardinian songs, on an idea of its founder and director Giovanni Pani. The choir offers a review of Sardinian traditional clothes and songs from various cities of Sardinia, so not related to any particular town in particular.

It is a suitable group to represent Sardinia in: concerts, events, national and international conferences, recreational moments in business meetings.

He has participated, among others, at: Choral Review at the Church of St. Lucia in Cagliari, Concerts at Social Associations and Third Age, “Cagliari Open Monuments” 2015, 2016 and “Summer Concerts” – Cagliari 2015, 2016.

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Giovanni Pani

Direttore – G.Pani

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