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The Corale Polifonica “G.P. da Palestrina” was founded by M ° Eugenio Arena in 1960 with the intent to cultivate the study and dissemination of polyphonic song. In more than fifty years of intense concert activity, the choir achieved: 1st place in the Classical Vocal Classical Review of Rome in ’70; At the National Competitions in Ravenna in ’81, in Battipaglia in ’93, in Caccamo in 2013; 2nd place at the National Competition in Ravenna in ’75 and Arezzo in ’85; 3rd place at the National Competitions in Ravenna in ’74 and Arezzo in ’89. He has participated in important exhibitions such as Pescara’s “Polyphonic Meetings” in ’79 and ’94; At the 2nd Festival of Canto Popolare di Locarno in ’80; At the International Exhibition of Karditza in Greece in ’84 and at the Gorizia Concerts (’73 and ’82), Toulouse (’82) and Tours (’83). He has been flattered by numerous affirmations on tours in Italy and abroad (Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Austria, Poland and Turkey). In 1989, the choir performed at the Quirinale for the President of the Republic and in 1991 he sang for John Paul He attended seminars with M ° Fosco Corti, Giovanni Acciai, Stephen Woodbury and Nino Albarosa. In 2005 he organized the IXth Regional Rally of the Sicilian Choirs. In 2011, he celebrated his 50th anniversary in the Clementina del Vaticano Year of activity. Since 2007, the Coral is directed by M ° Dario Pino.

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Dario Pino

Direttore – M° Dario Pino

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