Conductor – Giuseppe Del Bono

The Corale Lute “Le Note d’Argento” was born in 2011 at the Free University of the Third Age, established in the same year by the current President Claudio Graziano. The students are guided to the weekly lessons of ‘Coral Canto’ by Giuseppe Del Bono. For them all to sing in groups is a community experience capable of realizing socializing moments that facilitate communication, participation and the establishment of interpersonal ties, the reinforcement of the identity of the individual, the emergence of positive feelings originating from the feeling of belonging . Singing is an important opportunity to engage in a highly engaging reconnaissance and cognitive activity, also positively influences the physical and psychological health status. Singing is the language of affections, emotions and free of tension, by removing the negativities of life. That’s why the Coral “The Silver Notes” is the largest course of the Free University of the Third Age, because singing takes on everyone a playful and recreational aspect. The initial training consisted of 15 choreographers; To date there are around 100. Along with the Coral “Aura Vocis” has participated in these six years at various concerts and city events and in the province of Messina.

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